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Clinical importance of leech therapy

Hirudotherapy References in Dr. Olga Gilyova's Article Leech akute Thrombophlebitis TY - JOUR. T1 - Clinical and scientific considerations in leech therapy for the management of acute venous congestion. T2 - Annals of Plastic Surgery.

Clinical importance of leech therapy | Thrombosis | Ischemia

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Supporting patient care, education, and research. Clinical leech use in a microsurgical unit: Successful treatment of venous congestion in free skin flaps using medical leeches. Microsurgery ; 15 7: Leech therapy in digital replantation. AORN J ;62 3: Penile replantation using the leech Hirudo medicinalis. Urology ; 48 6: Clinical use of leeches in reconstructive surgery. American Journal of Orthopedics ; 26 8: Use of the local leech Leech akute Thrombophlebitis michaelseni in reconstructive plastic and hand surgery.

South African Journal of Surgery; 35 1: Beneficial role leech akute Thrombophlebitis the leech in post-phlebitic syndrome. Handbook of IIIrd Intern. Conference on Biotherapy Jerusalem, Israel; Isakhanyan G. New opportunities for clinical application of Hirudotherapy.

Jerusalem, Israel; 18 Magomedov M. Hirudotherapy in complex treatment of acute thrombophlebitis. Handbook of Practical and Experimental Hirudology: The use of leeches in patients with venous diseases.

Handbook of Hirudology Achievments. Hirudotherapy and the skin, leech akute Thrombophlebitis. Handbook of 5th Intern. Wursburg, Germany; Gileva O. Hirudotherapy and venous disease. Handbook of 6th Conference of Russia Association of Hirudologists. Hirudotherapy in traumatology and orthopedics. Hirudotherapy in complex treatment of deforming arthritis of big joints.

Effectiveness of leech therapy in osteoarthritis of the knee. Annals of Internal Medicine. Combination of hirudotherapy and balneotherapy in treatment of osteoarthritis.

Hirudotherapy department in multiprofile health resort. Handbook of Traditional Medicine — Hirudotherapy in patients with some ophthalmic diseases and trauma of the eye.

Hirudotherapy of inflammatory eye diseases. Hirudotherapy of uterine lesions. Jerusalem, Israel; Zhivoglyad R. Comparitive study of using leech therapy in hormonodependent and inflammatory gynecological diseases. Hirudotherapy in treatment of salpingoophoritis.

Clinical and laboratory aspects of hirudotherapy of endometriosis. The influence of hirudotherapy on haemostatic and immunologic indices in women suffering from endometriosis. Handbook of 6th Intern. Sivas, leech akute Thrombophlebitis, Turkey; Lomaeva I. Complex hirudotherapy treatment of patients with endometriosis, leech akute Thrombophlebitis.

Hirudotherapy in complex treatment of oral ruber lichen planus. Hirudotherapy in modern Russian medicine: Sivas, Turkey; Smirnoff A. Hirudotherapy in complex treatment of leech akute Thrombophlebitis sclerodermia. Handbook of the Achievements of Hirudology and Hirudotherapy. Hirudotherapy in dental practice, leech akute Thrombophlebitis. Hirudotherapy in treatment of periodontal diseases: Wunden an den Lippen, Turkey; Gibadullina N.

Hirudotherapy in complex treatment of periodontium diseases. Neuthrophic factor from Hirudo medicinalis. Handbook of Hirudology — Hirudoreflexotherapy in acute ishemic insults. Hirudoreflexotherapy in earliest rehabilitation period in patients with acute ishemic insults.

Hirudoreflexotherapy in treatment of patients with acute ishemic insults.

Superficial Venous Thrombosis

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1. J Bone Joint Surg Am. Apr;49(3) Anterior tibial compartment syndrome. Acute and chronic. Leach RE, Hammond G, Stryker WS. PMID.
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Hirudotherapy References (Leech Therapy in complex treatment of acute thrombophlebitis. about Leeches and Leech therapy can be found in the BTER.
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Clinical importance of leech therapy - Download in coronary artery thrombosis and Ischemic heart the management of acute venous congestion.
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Leeches are not a panacea for all diseases, Chronic pulmonary thrombosis; Otolaryngologic disease: acute and chronic; neuritis ear; acute and chronic otitis;.
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Hirudotherapy References (Leech Therapy in complex treatment of acute thrombophlebitis. about Leeches and Leech therapy can be found in the BTER.
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