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Use of computerized axial tomography has provided a means of analyzing veins containing indwelling silastic catheters of the upper arm. Physical data of Thrombophlebitis Flotation of the veins are limited to inaccuracies of the machine and must only be regarded as relative. We have been able to detect a great variability of cross-sectional vein diameter and area within any one patient. It appears that laminar blood flow and flotation of the catheter in the vein is inhibited in these areas of narrowing.

If you have the appropriate software installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice. Simply select your manager software from the list below and click on download. Skip to main content. Vol 4, Issue 5, Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition. Vol 4, Issue 5, pp. Geiss and Andrew C, Thrombophlebitis Flotation. Permissions Request Permissions View permissions information for this article.

Send me a copy Cancel. The long arm silastic catheter: Google ScholarLink. Total intravenous nutrition with peripherally inserted silicone elastomer central venous catheters.

Google ScholarCrossrefMedline. A comparative study of peripherally inserted silicone Thrombophlebitis Flotation for parenteral nutrition. Can Anaesth Soc J Am J Nurs Google ScholarMedline. Evaluation of 75 patients with the long arm silastic catheter. Factors affecting the use of quantitative information from a CT scanner, Thrombophlebitis Flotation. The role of catheter composition in the development of thrombophlebitis. Surg Gynecol Obstet The development of fibrin sheath on Thrombophlebitis Flotation venous catheters, Thrombophlebitis Flotation.

Fibrin sleeve formation on indwelling subclavian central venous catheters. Tips on citation download.

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Objective —To evaluate clinical variables assessed during the first 24 hours of hospitalization as prognostic indicators for nonambulatory cattle treated by use Thrombophlebitis Flotation a flotation tank. Procedures —Signalment, history, serum biochemical analyses, Thrombophlebitis Flotation, patient behavior during flotation, and outcome data were collected from medical records, Thrombophlebitis Flotation.

Outcome was survival to discharge from the hospital or nonsurvival death or euthanasia. Results —19 of 51 cattle survived, Thrombophlebitis Flotation. Survivors and nonsurvivors did not differ significantly with regard to median weight; age; stage of lactation; duration of recumbency prior to flotation; serum potassium, ionized calcium, or phosphate concentrations at admission to the hospital; or Thrombophlebitis Flotation creatine kinase activity value at admission to the hospital, highest value, and last recorded value, Thrombophlebitis Flotation.

Cattle that were able Thrombophlebitis Flotation walk out of the tank after the first flotation treatment were 4. Cattle that Thrombophlebitis Flotation not eat during flotation treatment were 1. Cattle that stood apparently normally on all limbs during the first flotation treatment were 2. Conclusions and Clinical Relevance —Results indicated that objective variables evaluated during the first 24 hours of hospitalization and flotation treatment are associated with outcome among nonambulatory cattle; findings might assist in logical decision making with respect to treatment options.

Fulfillment of a subscription including online activation may take several business days. To gain access to an article immediately, use the Pay Per Article feature. Prognostic indicators for Thrombophlebitis Flotation cattle treated by use of a flotation tank system in a referral hospital: Ollivett, and Thomas J. Design —Retrospective case series.

Animals —51 nonambulatory cattle that underwent flotation treatment. Online access to the content you have requested requires one of the following:. View Abstract Free Add to favorites Email to a friend.

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